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About CMB's Credit Card Services
1. World-Class Customer Service Center
CMB operates a 24-hour customer service hotline (400-820-5555) and a customer service center available 24/7 throughout the year. Thanks to our excellent service quality, CMB has been received a series of awards including "China's Leading Call Center Brand", "China's Best Call Center Award", ''China's Best Customer Service Award" and "Asia Pacific Outstanding Customer Service Award". CMB also won the title of "Global Best Call Center" from the U.S. ICMI in 2007 and 2011.
2. Insurance and Wealth Management
Through extensive surveys and research among card holders, CMB's Credit Card Insurance and Wealth Management Service Center focuses on customers' demands for insurance services, and continues to develop customer-tailored insurance products by cooperating with leading insurance companies. We send information about the latest products to our card holders so they can make informed insurance decisions and pay online using their CMB credit cards. We then send the purchased insurance policies to customers by courier.
(1) Carefully designed products
Our professional team selects the most suitable products for customers, and distributes these products to target customers through database marketing. Currently, our product portfolio covers accident, sickness, medical and education insurance.
Based on surveys and research, we understand card holders' demands and requirements for insurance products, insured amounts, and insurance premiums.
All our products are developed by the CMB Insurance and Wealth Management Service Center based on customers' demands.
We strictly select our partner insurance companies to deliver the highest standards.
(2) Protecting customer information through a secure sales process
We have developed a strict product distribution process and standard service procedures and standards. All of our service staff are qualified insurance agents, and recommend products in strict compliance with requirements without misleading customers. All phone calls are recorded and stored by our voice recording team to protect card holders' rights and interests.
The entire service and payment process is completed through CMB's internal system to protect the security of card holders' information and funds.
(3) Online payments
Card holders can make and confirm payments online by credit card, and call our hotline with any questions. Our couriers directly deliver insurance policies to you.
(4) Dedicated service team
Our dedicated service team provides prompt and effective services to protect and maximize customers' interests.
3. Website
The CMB credit card website provides comprehensive online credit card and banking services.
4. Short message service
Established in 2003, our credit card short message platform sends various service short messages to customers. In 2006, we reshuffled the platform according customers' needs and released interactive short message services to enable customers to check their account balance, current bills, and bonus points by sending short messages such as "ED", "ZD" and "JF". Currently, customers can send short messages to exchange bonus points for gifts.
5. Credit Limit service
(1) Credit Limit
Credit Limit refers to the highest amount that a credit card holder can use.The initial Credit Limit is set based on related informations and certification documents provided by the customer when applying for the credit card. In the case that the initial Credit Limit falls short of the daily consumption needs, the card holder can require appropriate adjustments for the Credit Limit through the hot line and provide additional financial certification documents.
The master card and its affiliated cards share the same Credit Limit.
For a CMB dual-currency credit card, RMB and USD account share the same Credit Limit. When using a credit card overseas, the Credit Limit is converted into USD at the current exchange rate. For example, the RMB Credit Limit of ¥30,000 is approximately $4,300 when the current USD/RMB exchange rate is 1:7.
(2) Temporary Credit Limit
A Temporary Credit Limit is extended to support customer transactions above the Credit Limit in a certain period of time.
The effective term of a Temporary Credit Limit ranges from 1 to 30 days, and the Temporary Credit Limit expires after the effective term.
The amount used in excess of the original Credit Limit will be processed into the required minimum repayment for next month when the Temporary Credit Limit effects. The amount used in excess of the original Credit Limit does not charge any additional fees but requires to be repaid in full by the latest repayment date.
(3) Credit Limit adjustments
CMB has implemented the Stable Credit Limit Adjustment Program and Intelligent Credit Limit Tracking Program.
Stable Credit Limit Adjustment Program
CMB regularly evaluates customers' use of credit cards and credit status, and adjusts the Credit Limit accordingly.
Intelligent Credit Limit Tracking Program
CMB tracks customers' use of their Credit Limits to optimize card use.
(4) Adjusting an affiliated card Credit Limit
The Credit Limit of an affiliated card is determined by the master card. Affiliated card holders cannot apply to adjust Credit Limits or temporary Credit Limits. In the case that the master card holder has restricted the Credit Limit of the affiliated card, the affiliated card's Credit Limit will remain unchanged when adjustment of Credit Limit takes effect, otherwise the affiliated card's Credit Limit will change based on the master card.
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